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How are the minimal things also important?

Whenever I have any important task to do, I make a cup of coffee before that. The making coffee process itself sets my mind that I have to do the work, and it requires my complete concentration: a Small step but a significant impact of minimal things.

This is what minimal things are meant for. To push you for the big stuff.

It can be anything. , making your bed (Which I want to give a try), or doing a 2 min stretch before starting your day or important work.

It boosts your mind. It signals to your body that now we require full attention.Β 

Minimal things are not only for alerting you to some work, but it helps you to make your life better like small habits which, if you inculcate them in your daily regime, will definitely give a big breakthrough.

So, in this post, I will list down my favorite small routines which I follow or try to follow.

The list might not be extraordinary, but it is definitely something that will help you to understand the importance of small/minimal efforts.

  • Writing down my To-do list:

I know this is a very common task, which most of us do, but trust me, I have had a hard time making this a part of my daily routine. I have failed at this 100 times and still do, but I have progressed in this.

Now, I not only make my To-do list but also try to complete some of the written tasks.


Don’t think much. Just tear a paper out. Write down your work for the day. And try actually to do them.


  • Reading before writing:

This is for all my aspiring writers. The main glitch I face with myself when it comes to writing is that I may have a great topic to write about, but I have no clue how to start my writing or what I should address in the topic.


So, I saw many videos on How to write something great? And the most common answer was to read.

So now, whenever I have to write about any topic, I go on google and search for it. I find different answers from different pages or people; sometimes, it gives me clarity about the topic, and sometimes I discover a new approach to the topic.




  • Β Writing down all the crap:

This is for my writer buddies as well as all those who find it hard to re-collect the ideas later on.

Write down everything. Small ideas or a single word. Note it because your mind will instantly flush it away when you jump into something different.

I generally put everything on my mobile’s Notes, from grocery lists to my following article ideas. It contains everything.

These were my small/minimal things that have actually helped me in making my life better and easy. This may not work for all, but hey, it is a good head start.Minimal Things

Let me know what minimal daily regimes you follow. Comment it down and share this post with someone whom you want to tell that they need to start one thing from the post at least because to share is to love.


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