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I always believed that everything that happens to us is the consequence of our actions, but at some point in time, few things that happen to us are just a matter of chance or luck. I may not wholly believe in destiny or Maktub as it is said in ARABIC, but somewhere this exists. 

I read this term in Paulo’s book ‘THE ALCHEMIST,’ and from that moment, I was driven madly toward this concept.

This led to me giving a great thought about destiny, and I realized that so many things happening may be part of this only. Like, People we meet. We cross many people but share a cordial behavior with some of them. From that small lot of people, 2-3 will become the important ones. All of them may not walk with us forever, but their existence will definitely change the route of our life in good or bad ways.

I think we have not fully acknowledged the importance of people in our life. I mean, look around you. There are many people and hundreds of stories revolving around us; all the stories affect us in one way or another. I believe that we do not meet people coincidentally, and they have something for us every time.

The place I am standing right now is because of a few people who maybe pushed me or motivated me or perhaps did nothing yet made things move forward. And the crazy part is that I am also a part of these people. So somewhere, I am there in someone’s life. Maybe helping them, hopefully.

Maktub it is. It is all written. It will happen. You will cross the road with so many people, and they will all leave something behind for you.

Remember to take away the good parts and discard the bad and negative ones.

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And now, share this post with those who were/are there for you. You know that many things would have been different if it was not for them. Celebrate those people.



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  1. kshitiz

    hiii. 🙋‍♂️
    Everything happens for a reason. don’t question it trust it

  2. Deep

    Nice 💖

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