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Change is the only constant thing!

The only thing constant in one’s life should be ‘change’. People who refuse to change limit all the amazing opportunities. I can go on and on with all these one-liners where the importance of change is vividly mentioned. But does anyone tell us how to deal with them?

See, we all dream and have big goals in life, and we indulge ourselves in fulfilling them and never look into other equal areas like change and uncertainty.

We don’t know what to do if things do not go as planned. We get overwhelmed, and everything feels out of their place.

Even positive changes can make you feel low and dull because the transition means leaving something behind, and we humans always want to hold onto things and people no matter how much it hurts. The problem is that we love the idea of comfort so much that we ignore that life is not always comfortable. We are neglecting discomfort that we completely throw it out from our concept of living. Discomfort is a part of one’s life. I don’t need to say that significant discoveries have happened because of discomforts, as we all know. So, even if you are getting promoted or getting a better job, you may still feel void and a sense of loss.

A person needs to get immune to change by adapting to the change and moving forward. We fear change. All the ifs and buts make the change scary.

The worst thing we do with ourselves is the way we talk about ourselves. The world cannot see your potential until you start speaking good about yourself. Change how you look at yourself, and then you can quickly adapt to the other changes around you.

See, I know any transition is a little painful. It comes with a price. We must understand that we cannot avoid change; it is inevitable. The one thing we can do for sure is to be aware of the impact of the change. This does not mean that you will spiral around ifs and buts, but you know the likely happenings and are prepared to at least acknowledge them, if not fight with them. You can fight later on, but first, acknowledgment is essential.

With every second passing, millions of thoughts, things, people, elements and many more things are transforming. Taking another shape and size. Change is scary yet beautiful because it’s the only constant thing.

Happy Changing 🙂

Change is constant
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  1. kshitiz

    we cannot become what we want by remaining what we are

  2. Kunal

    We have to get out of our comfort zone to change, lovely write-up di! 👌🏼

  3. deep


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