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Take Care Of Your Loved Ones Because They Need You Too!

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Often we are so packed up in our schedule that we are not able to scoop some time out for our loved ones. This whole blog will ask you to take care of your loved ones because they need you too!

Anxiety and Depression are a little in fashion these days, but shall I tell you one secret? There is not a single person who has not once suffered or had a little of these. Everyone is fighting their own battles, and you already know it, and sometimes it feels overwhelming to be there for another person.

Take it from me; I often neglect the other person’s feelings because they are too heavy to carry. But I end up guilty of not understanding what the other person has been going through. 

Today, the world works on the mantra of taking and giving. Most of the time, we are focused on taking rather than giving to society. We have messed up the idea of a good relationship between two people.

I may not be the perfect soul who always cares for another person’s feelings, but I acknowledge it. I often let go of my anger for them, but some days, I hold on to the arguments despite the fact that the other person is innocent—very Human behavior. 

Anyway, I just want to throw light on the issue of not taking care of our loved ones when they genuinely need you but cannot ask for any help. My whole life, I have always tried to put my needs first. Whether it’s my family or friends.

My behavior is more like I will ask for the things I want. And if I didn’t get it, I would throw my hands in the air and cry like a 5-year kid. 

But as the sun always rises, I have understood that if I am throwing my emotions over to someone, it is my responsibility to acknowledge theirs too.

Even though I do not support the idea of give and take as it feels like some kind of obligation, I just want to make sure that I understand the situation and emotions of my loved ones. 

People who love me often do not get any ideas about my struggles or pain as we usually do not practice clear communication, and this is the other way around too. 

Let me highlight some situations where you can try to put in extra effort in the relationship with any person, whether it’s your partner, friend, siblings, parents, or a family member. 

 1. When They Get Frustrated Without Any Evident Reason : 


Take Care Of Your Loved Ones Because They Need You Too!
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Not every time, but there are days when you have no idea what wrong you have done to make the other person mad, and you are dealing with all the unwanted frustrations thrown by them at you.

The reason could be anything, but they are unable to channel at the right place. They might know the deep cause of all the anger and heat. Simply sit down with them and listen.

Let them get angry at you or random stuff. Once they empty their heart, there will be clarity. Even if not, they will simply cool down a bit. Easy, right? 

2. When They Shut Themselves Down : 


Take Care Of Your Loved Ones Because They Need You Too!
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You have often come to the situation when someone asks you to leave them alone for a while. It is absolutely okay to check on them after a time without disrespecting their space.

Just in case they are upset about something you did, make sure to subtly make them aware of the fact that you are there for them. And if something else is bothering you that you may or may not be aware of, then make sure to ask them if they need something.

Trust me; I find it very difficult when I want someone to hear me out. So it would be easier if you asked me in the first place. 

3. When You See Them Zoning Out : 

Take Care Of Your Loved Ones Because They Need You Too!
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I wasn’t familiar with this concept until I experienced the same. I still remember having a casual conversation when all the voices shut down, and I could hear nothing. I was not present in the situation. It was like I had teleported to some other blank space.

This is what zoning out from a conversation, place, or situation feels like. I genuinely don’t understand why this happens, but I really want someone to hold me and make me feel the present space.

So, in case you see someone zoning out frequently, hold them and let the physical touch help them to come back to reality. 

4. When They Ask For Help : 


Take Care Of Your Loved Ones Because They Need You Too!
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Now, I have done this myself and am pretty confident that many like me do not hesitate to ask if they need help from certain humans in their life. If someone really asks for your help or sends you some kind of sign, or their words and actions cry for help, be there.

It is not important for you to give a solution, but hearing them out and letting them vent their feelings is much better than providing a solution. 

Bottom Line!!!

I may not be an expert to tell you how to take care of someone, but I am for sure a person who has been to both places – one who wants help and the other who can provide the help.

And I know one thing that life and the people in it should never be taken for granted. We need to take care of them as they take care of us. Share this piece of information and let them know that you’re always there for them because to share is to love. 

Please comment down something good for me as I am trying to make a comeback with similar blog posts to annoy you. 


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  1. Chirag Menghani

    Please neha keep on posting such blogs
    We are ready to get annoyed by such blogs
    You are an amazing writer.

  2. Meena

    It is a difficult task to put the language of the mind into words , but you have done it very well , keep it up

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