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Sunset- not an ending but a new beginning!

I have always romanticized sunsets, not just because of their beauty but mainly because we have an invisible connection.

I bet that you have watched millions of sunsets and if not, please do it today or tomorrow but just do it once, and you are not coming back from there. You will find a new home. I found a home and a friend.


Now, every day, I try to catch a sight of the beautiful Sun saying goodbye. I take this moment to put my dizzy thoughts backwards and feel the aura. I let all my emotions out for that particular moment and feel light and free.

Legends say that sunsets are the symbol of beautiful endings, but I see it the other way. For me, Sunsets are the beginning. You might wonder why? Because I start my day with great hustle, the whole day slips from my hands in a rush.

It is the time of Sunset when my mind and heart slow down and begin to feel. And it is not just any kind of a feeling. It is a feeling of gratitude. It is a feeling that “Ok, maybe it was not a good day today, but I am still a good person”. It is a feeling of love, and if you try a little, you will find that you have had a great life, and you will make it better.

It may feel a little filmy, but whenever I watch a sunset, the time freezes or may slow down a little bit. Maybe because I did not have any time for myself the whole day and this particular moment was only about me.

Every sunset I have watched, I have noticed that suddenly out of nowhere, a big bunch of birds fly high in the sky.  I mean, I did not see them for the whole day, and only heard their chirping or maybe saw one or two of them drinking water at my balcony.     

But every evening, when the sky is gloaming and the sun is ready to set and call it a day, these birds appear. They fly in the same direction or may follow their flocks. This scene is epic. It makes me feel like I am returning home after a long day without returning home.

As I have mentioned that I start my day in a great sprint, I knew that I could not capture all the sunsets, so I made sure to catch at least some of them. For this, I made little arrangements in my office. I chose a place to sit and work where there was a window, and they say that if you truly want something, you might get it. My seat is faced to the west.

So, in the entire office, there is only one seat whose blind is up during the evening and trust me, because of this, many of my colleagues always find some time to glance a little through the

And the days I am at home, I take my dog to the terrace, and we sit in silence. She watches all the birds going home and tries to catch one or two of them but no success till now. I sit and spend time with myself. Often, for unknown reasons, I find tears rolling down my cheeks. Maybe the heart is emptying itself. And after the sobbing session, I see a new ray of sunshine. Ironical, isn’t it? 

The colors spread in the Sky at Dawn are similar to our life. The Sky may not know its beauty but the viewer still admires it. I might not have understood this if I had not watched those hundreds of sunsets.


It always breaks my heart when the Sun fades away after a while and settles down far, far away, but that is what adulthood is. We chase our dreams for a long time, but the feeling of success is like a little beat of the heart. Stays Just for a moment. But you know that you will come back to this. Even if the Sun has not shown for three days in a row, it will pop up on the very fourth day. That is the hope I carry inside my soul.

I can watch them for the whole day, but the sad part is that it stays only for a while. It feels like I am writing about Love, and this time Love is not a person but a basic moment that normally happens every day. And trust me, this kind of Love is refreshing, fulfilling and nourishing. So, go and watch the sunset. Fall in Love with it. Find yourself.        Feel the peace and calmness. Dive deep into gratitude, and you will surely rise with every sunset.





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  1. Kunal

    Nice write-up and pictures di! 😍

  2. kshitiz

    “sunsets are proof that ending can often be beautiful too.”

  3. deep

    Amazing as always ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Shivani

    Very Nice Neha

  5. Tanisha

    With pictures it looks fabulous 💛

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